Energy Monitor is a platform that prioritizes efficiency and ease of use while ensuring high performance, regardless of scale. We provide functionalities that cater to the needs of every organization.

High performance engine

High performance engine

scalable engine enabling monitoring of thousands of devices in one place

High availability

high availability

built-in effective mechanisms that increase system security and efficiency

Thousands of integrations


database of thousands of ready-made integrations with monitored systems

Business Process Monitoring

the process of monitoring the availability of services provided by analyzing and building dependencies between them

Effective visualizations

effective visualizations

a database of efficient dashboards and an efficinet mechanism for creating your own visualizations

Fast configuration

easy configuration thanks to an easy-to-use wizard


automatic network scanning for new systems to monitor

User Management

full control over users and the ability to build multitenant configurations

Open-Source flexibility

the knowledge of the open-source community is within reach

Full visibility of the IT infrastructure status

Streamline control of your critical enterprise applications and IT systems effortlessly. Gain instant insights into the efficiency of your IT infrastructure, spanning infrastructure, databases, applications, and operating systems, all conveniently accessible from one centralized platform. Experience enhanced network issue visibility, bolstered by comprehensive critical event control from active devices.

Deep dive into infrastructure

Experience unparalleled visibility into the intricate details of critical application operation and its components. Monitor user experience, track the efficiency of application components, and delve into low-level virtualization and operating systems with precision. Gain comprehensive monitoring capabilities at every layer of your IT infrastructure, empowering you to optimize performance and enhance reliability like never before. Elevate your monitoring game with our Energy Monitor.

Business continuity under control

Say goodbye to downtime headaches! Instantly detect and report issues with critical applications through streamlined ticketing within your infrastructure monitoring office. Stay on top of new and unresolved issues within your company’s IT environment, ensuring swift resolution and minimal disruption to operations. With Energy Monitor, you’re always in control, keeping your IT environment running smoothly and efficiently. Experience unmatched reliability and responsiveness.

Customization on demand

Empower yourself with total control over your specified infrastructure segment with Energy Monitor dashboard. Tailor your monitoring experience to meet your exact needs and preferences. With the capability to track thousands of availability and performance indicators, Energy Monitor ensures comprehensive oversight of your IT environment.
Don’t settle for one-size-fits-all solutions—unlock the power of customization.

Empowered by AI

Experience real-time performance monitoring with Energy Monitor and Energy Logserver. Seamlessly integrated for unparalleled control and comprehensive event tracking. Plus, our Empowered AI module brings intelligent oversight to your monitoring process, revolutionizing your strategy. Unlock the full potential of your infrastructure today!



Individuals and small teams


Service providers 


Advanced companies

Operating Systems

Web Applications



Business Applications


IP Telephony

Email Services

IoT Device Monitoring

General IT Infrastructure

Application Servers





 Individuals and small teams


Service providers


Advanced companies 

High availability

Monitoring multiple platforms

Real-time alerting

Network mapping

Dashboard creation

Easy-to-use configuration

Wizard for connecting new sources

Email Services

Reporting and SLA measurement


Business process monitoring

Resource geolocation

Multi-level permission interface

Extensibility through plugins

Monitoring of web application performance


Anomaly detection (with Energy Empowered AI)

Automatic discovery

Versioned configuration maintenance



Individuals and small teams


Service providers


Advanced companies

Community Support

Basic support 

Managed Support


Energy Monitor: Tailored Licensing Options Available

Explore our flexible licensing models designed to meet your specific needs. Energy Monitor is available through a variety of purchasing options, including subscription plans, perpetual licenses, and managed service provider (MSP) models. Each model is crafted to provide convenience and flexibility, ensuring you have the right tools to monitor your energy efficiently.

Check out our price list or ask our team about a dedicated offer.


Monitored hosts


100 1,089 €
200 2,178 €
300 3,267 €
400 4,356 €
500 5,444 €
600 6,533 €
700 7,622 €
800 8,711 €
900 9,800 €
1,000 10,889 €

System requirements

  Minimal (50 hosts) Recommended
vCPU 4 core 8 core
Hard Drive 20GB 40GB
Operating System Oracle Linux 8.x Oracle Linux 8.x

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